The Flight of the Third Children


Far sail the tall ships of the Vasae'ans. Out of darkness the fly, to the lands that rise out of the sea in the west. There the Western Hearth set by Doshi'yah in days of old glimmers in the evening. As the stars begin to appear in the sky and the last fire of the sun fades from the horizon, Valaeron, leader of men, sets foot on the land. He climbs to the heights that rises above the whispering sea, where the sea-winds blow over the sighing grasses, where the hearth-fire glows.

From there he looks down on the ships of his people sailing in through the falling night, the lanterns on their prows mirroring the stars. The Vasae'ans are safe. He looks back to the east, where their old home has passed into darkness, where the Saemurah and her children and grandchildren gave themselves to the world. Thank you, he whispers into the wind. Thank you.