Children of Vasae'ah is a multimedia project that explores the world of the fictional Vasae'an people. Stories from around the world inspired the creation of the Vasae'ans' mythology; world art, from Arabic calligraphy to Japanese silkscreens, informed our illustration. The synthesis of these real-world elements, combined with creativity, resulted in the world of Ev Yo'iim. Our website creates a window into this world, joining the connective power of art with the potential of interactive media. Most importantly, however, our project is about sharing stories.



The Mythology section gives the reader the opportunity to see the Vasae'ans' history through their eyes, from the creation of the world to the present day. This section of the site is divided into 8 different chapters, each with multiple subchapters. The section functions as a pathway, with each page leading to the next. To open each subchapter (chronologically sorted from top to bottom), just click on its title and the chapter's respective text and images will unfold. When you are finished with each chapter, click 'Next Era' to be taken to the next page in the sequence. When you've finished with the world's history, you will be directed to the Atlas.

The Atlas

The Atlas allows users to explore the world of the Vasae'ans by walking their streets, wandering their markets, and celebrating with them their religious rites. They do so by accessing a compendium of locations spread throughout the world of Ev Yo'iim. The section begins with an interactive map of the entire world, inundated with pins to indicate locations to which you may travel. Click on any of these pins and you will be taken to a sub-map, where more pins provide points of interest throughout the cities which may be investigated to discover more detailed aspects of the world.

The Database

The Database is the storehouse of both information about the process involved in the creation of the project as well as detailed components of the world (Religion, guilds, etc.) that can also be accessed via hyperlinks in the Atlas pages.

We started building Children of Vasae'ah years ago. The project has undergone many transformations, but our roles have always remained constant. From the beginning, Ian Child has been responsible for storytelling and conceptual design; Franky Spektor for aesthetic design, the linguistic system, and illustration; Christian Bolles for environmental design and web development.

The three of us would like to thank Heidi Kleinmaus and Gary Bolles for being our producers, as well as Ian's and Franky's respective mentors. Further thanks to Pete Kaminski for mentoring Christian for web development. Righteous cheers to Cole Yarborough for hosting our website. Finally, thanks to the Senior Signature Projects department at the Bay School of San Francisco for supporting our project.